Let the Work Begin!

Greetings, feed-readers!

My name is Robert Wright Jr. and it brings me great pleasure to include you all in my expedition as an intern at the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation. I count it an honor to be among such talented and robust contributors to the field of landscape preservation. As a recent graduate of Bethune Cookman University; a Historically Black College-University (HBCU) located in Daytona Beach, interning with National Park Service is an opportuntiy that I am most grateful for and I expect to learn a lot during the duration of this internship.

Throughout my undergraduate study, my career trajectory became irrefutable–education that is. Taking heed to my passion, I decided to pursue a Masters of  Education degree from Georgia Southern University, beginning in the Fall. Some may ask, why the heck are you interning at the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation if you’re interested in education. Because, my friend, education is everywhere. Landscape preservation is deeper than a geographic area’s cultural and natural resources or the wildlife or animals that live within it, but its associated with the history of an event, person, or activity within its vicinity. I chose to participate in the Designing the Parks internship to recognize the important role African-Americans played in the development and progress of the United States, and to share these experiences with their communities. While at Olmsted Center, I will be working closely with Jennifer Hanna and Michelle Pizzillo in developing a “Teaching with Historic Places” lesson plan for the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historic Site. 


I am looking forwarding to learning more of Harriet Tubman’s  life, in its entirety, and her quest to freedom. Particularly in Dorchester County, MD. I am hoping to explore Dorchester County, MD; the birthplace of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, given its rich history.  Being that I don’t have as much exposure in the field of landscape preservation I am hoping to leave here with a finer understanding of the field and its connection to education. 

Week one was a blast! I was given a book by my mentor, Jennifer Hanna, entitled Bound for the Promise Land by Kate Clifford Larson. This book phenomenally details the life of Harriet Tubman. I urge anyone interested in American History to grab hold of it. A few other interns and myself had the pleasure of exploring the beautiful city of Boston with some awesome-summer weather as well. This week as been nothing shy of great; the people, experiences, and knowledge, has been so invigorating. I’m extremely excited to see what the summer has to offer based off what the short week has already rendered.



Until next time, feed-readers!





4 responses to “Let the Work Begin!

  1. Great to have you as part of our awesome intern crew, Rob! Looking forward to learning from you as well.

  2. Thanks Robert for such an insightful blog. And yes I wondered why you were there and questioned why such a internship. You answered all my questions. I too am a fan of Harriet Tubman. I felt her spirit there, as I toured part of the trail that she took slaves into freedom. She is such an amazing woman. My favorite quote was “ I would have set more free if they knew they were slaves”…Be Well
    Auntie Belinda

  3. This is insightful and worth the read indeed! So proud of you Robert. I look forward to reading more and living vicariously through your experience. Keep us posted!

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