From Florida to Massachusetts

Hi there,

My name is Vanessa Hartsuiker. Never really written a blog before, so I promise I’ll get better over time! I’ll start by introducing myself.  I graduated from Florida State University this past December with a major in Digital Media Production and a minor in Entrepreneurship. I wouldn’t change my major for anything else, fortunately my university was able to provide the tools, equipment, and hands on experience that prepared me to become a professional videographer. During my time at FSU, I learned various aspects of video; live production sports and concerts, documentaries, music videos, and short fiction films. From creating the script and video treatment to editing the footage in post, I was able to learn and understand the whole procedure. I have become a video communicator! 

So what does video production have to do with landscape preservation?

The Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation decided to take a technological leap with me! Communication, as we know it, has changed substantially with the digital age. Sharing information via social media and websites is how one stays connected and informed these days. OCLP works really hard to create Cultural Landscape Reports (CLR) for the park staff and its partners to advance resource management and interpretation. Therefore, I am here to create videos that communicate the history and significance of cultural landscapes provided from the CLR.


While I do have a large interest for the National Park Service, my knowledge about historic sites and cultural landscapes is extremely limited. It can be difficult to understand some of the jargon running around the office and seeing a landscape as an architect rather than a visitor. But, not only does it allow me to learn, it also allows me to understand a different perspective and have a deeper appreciation for the work that is done to preserve such beautiful sites.  I’ve never been more excited to learn more about the history of America! Of course, in school, I would read about the historic events that took place here and around the country, but actually being present in the space CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Just like today! As I was writing this… I hear Eliot yell across the office, “Vanessa! It’s the USS Constitution”. Him and Jeff were watching the USS Constitution sail across the channel from their window. This only happens once or twice a year! To think a ship from the 1800’s is still in commission, it’s UNBELIEVABLE. I learn and see something new everyday.

Processed with VSCO with fp2 preset


Video production has been my passion since I took hold of my parents Sony Camcorder (that used miniDV cassettes!). Without siblings, my camera became my best friend. Not only would I capture everything, I would also create some really embarrassing commercials of why I liked a certain product… we won’t go any further on that…

I love being able to capture reality, finding what motivates people, and most of all I love the surprises along the way. I hope to one day become a television/documentary film producer. I want to be ale to create impact. I believe that this Earth needs to be cared for, and environmental issues shouldn’t be taken lightly. Awareness is important, and I’d like to help our world in any way possible. Aside from that, I also have a strong passion for music. I would love to create a music documentary series. Capturing the artists music, lifestyle, and passions, but also the reality and struggle of fame. With lot’s of interests, I know that my future for one, is  UNPREDICTABLE.

Ciao for now,


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