Only the Finest

Well, it’s been a wild year working for the Olmsted Center, but it’s time for me to say so long! I’ve been so lucky to meet, work with, and be part of such a wonderful group of people in the Park Service, and needless to say, I’m sad to go.

For my final blog post, I’ve gathered together some of my favorite photos from the year. First though, I’d like to thank everyone at the Olmsted Center. I got the unique experience as a Designing the Parks intern to collaborate with nearly everyone at OCLP in some capacity, whether that was popping over to John’s desk to ask why Live Paint won’t work, setting up a data dictionary with Dinah, showing the Branching Out school year program how to use a Trimble at Fairsted, or a phone call to Tim in Richmond to ask if downloading 48 orthophoto tiles is a good idea. The list could go on for the rest of this post. Thank you for a lovely year, hilarious lunches, amazing field work trips, constant support, and tick check reminders.

I sat down with Eliot on Friday to make a list of things I needed to get done before leaving, and we made another list of what work I completed and contributed to this year. It was a much bigger list than I thought. I contributed to ten projects at seven parks: Boston Harbor Islands National & State Park, Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Site, Boston National Historical Park, Frederick Law Olmsted National Historical Site, Denali National Park & Preserve, Cape Cod National Seashore, and Acadia National Park. I hope you enjoy my year in photos!

A snapshot of the work I accomplished is below. It includes finishing up the Cultural Landscape Report for the Boston Harbor Islands and the Vegetation Management Recommendations document for Fort Andrews on Peddocks Island, completing a Cultural Landscape Inventory for Peddocks Island, designing a planting plan for the Commandant’s House in the Charlestown Navy Yard, producing a tree removal plan and tree/shrub planting plans for the Greenhill Parcel at Frederick Law Olmsted NHS, producing base maps to take field notes on for the Baker Biddle property and the Pamet Cranberry Bogs on Cape Cod, an existing conditions map for the Long Island Cultural Landscape Inventory, and an existing conditions map for the Jacob Jackson Home Site at the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad NHS.

I saw a lot of beautiful sights:

I met a lot of people:

I saw some animals:

Apparently I sat whenever the opportunity presented itself:

And looked bored a few times? (I promise I wasn’t):

But also very interested because I was learning a whole lot:

I became fairly adept at the classic Jump Photo:

And had time for plenty of funny photos in between:


Don’t worry, I’ll be back for lunch and pie day.


2 responses to “Only the Finest

  1. Melissa, it has been wonderful having you part of the OCLP team for the past year…hard to believe that it has been a full year! That you for all your contributions to several projects. I loved the photos…you have experience a lot of wonderful landscapes! I wish you the very best in your next endeavors.

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