32 Islands to Go

First, the easy update: the Saugus CLR is clipping along, and I’ve traded in the existing conditions chapter for analysis and evaluation. Revisiting my site visit photos definitely reminded me of my own biases when thinking holistically about the landscape – there are a lot of glamour shots of the Saugus River and historic structures, but I’m really lacking in practicalities like the maintenance buildings or handrails. Working through the analysis and evaluation chapter has been a great opportunity to break down the landscape critically, even the seemingly minute aspects. I’m excited to see how the process shapes the way I see the unified landscape at the end.


In more fun news, however, this week provided a lot of intern introspection. We enjoyed our last week with Daisy, who gave an excellent presentation on the work she’s done over the summer. It was a great opportunity to learn about a park I’m pretty unfamiliar with, but I most enjoyed hearing how the summer impacted her plans back at college in the fall. It was clear she’s thought critically about how to wed her work at OCLP with the organizations already close to her heart, and I’m excited to hear updates! It was great working with you, Daisy <3! Melissa and I also attended the Branching Out teach back on Peddock’s Island, and learned about their project clearing vegetation from a hillside to allow the campsite a cooling sea breeze. It was amazing to see how close everyone has grown since we met a couple months ago on their first day! I particularly enjoyed their comments on the importance of teamwork while working in the field, especially as it pertains to communication and safety. As an added bonus, Melissa and I got to do some adventuring on the island while they set up, so I can check another harbor island off my list. My favorite part were the art installations tucked around the landscape, particularly the ones off the beaten trail. It was fun to imagine the artist originally finding a private grove or abandoned battery and creating a piece specifically intended for those who like to wander off the road most traveled.


Until next time!


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