Live, Work, Create….Believe It!

The past couple weeks here at Minute Man National Historical Park have literally not only been an educational journey of learning more of the Massachusetts area nor learning about the history of MIMA, this experience has narrowed down my career choices to understand my true goal and passion to find out my next phase in life for what I will like to do next as far as my dream job/career goes.

Having my masters in landscape architecture and having experience working as a gardener has given me a surplus of ideas to tie in to the park services to include design features and to install plants that can work well within the garden to help bring in pollinators and work the “right plant, right place” method. This opportunity has opened me up to attain more in my field not just by being behind a desk, but to actually attend to work in the field, survey, observe and jot down specific field notes to later bring into computer software such as AutoCAD, GIS mapping, Adobe Photoshop and other graphic software.

There are many tasks and assignments that Margie, my supervisor, has put down as goals to accomplish for the summer. One of the main projects for the summer was to co-lead a summer stewardship program with recent high school graduates and college students who took time out of their summer to volunteer within the park for 8 hours, Mon-Thurs for 8 weeks. Whether it’s removing invasive plants, installing perennials/transplanting plants from one garden bed to the next, they are active and always ready to work.

Our main resource management techniques:

  • Visionary: to introduce young professionals to the field of resource management and its relationship to the National Park Service mission
  • Experiential: to provide participants with the opportunity to explore with management issues facing national parks.
  • Practical: to provide participants with the opportunity to work together to improve the condition of cultural and natural resources within Minute Man National Historical Park.


Some goals that my supervisor and I set to the side after the stewardship program comes to an end are to create a profile and apply myself on USAjobs. I’ve been printing out the qualifications and questionnaires that are set to meet the requirements to fully meet the job description so when the internship does end, I know where I stand to apply myself to specific selective positions country-wide. I am thankful for this opportunity, for HBCUI and for the NPS where I now opened up a plethora of connections starting from the superintendent of MIMA, landscape architecture firms in the Boston area, and even right here at Minute Man National Historical Park. I believe if I play my cards right, at the right moment and time, my opportunity to work full-time for the National Park Service would fall right into my lap. I will be forever grateful to take on the challenge with whatever task has been thrown my way and to even work my way up to become the chair of a resources/design/landscape department. “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand”


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