Ticks, Pollinators, AutoCAD…Oh my!!

Queen of Multi Flora Rose

All Hail Queen of the Multi Flora Rose!

I’m about six weeks in of being a part of the Greening Youth Foundation HBCU Internship program under the National Park Service, and I must say I have been busy as a bee! My site is here at Minute Man National Historical Park where I am assisting Margie Coffin Brown, my supervisor, as a Landscape Ecology Resource Assistant, or in other words an intern as a landscape architect. Having my masters in landscape architecture and having experience working as a gardener has given me a surplus of ideas to tie in to the park to include design features and to install plants that can work well within the garden to help bring in pollinators.


This opportunity has opened me up to attain more in my field not just by being behind a desk, but to actually attend to field work, survey, observe and jot down specific field notes to later bring into computer software such as AutoCAD, GIS mapping, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other graphic software. Some weekly tasks would be to make sure we are aware of the poison ivy and the removal of the invasive species that are spreading all around the park. And of course doing the proper “tick” check daily after a day working in the field; checking your clothes, collars, socks, neckline, etc.. Any place you could think of where ticks can hide.

There are many projects that Margie listed as the weeks go on. One of our main tasks throughout the summer includes the help of high school graduates and already in college students who are volunteering within the park for 6 hours Mon-Thurs. Whether it’s removing invasive plants, installing perennials or transplanting plants from one garden site to the next, they are active and always ready to work.

IMG_2832 (1)

Being part of this team helps me understand better that to work within the park, there are a lot projects to get into to help sustain the park and to maintain its grounds to keep visitors constantly coming back.  Furthermore, the work we put in to maintain the park grounds and the ongoing projects we have listed for future volunteers and interns, like myself, are to never forget the park and its potential goals for the future and what we can do on a day to day basis to conserve the historic essence of the park. I look forward to document more information about my time interning here and the many field trips and goals we will accomplish over the summer. Stay Tuned!


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