Say Hello to My Little Friend

Invasive species to planet Earth are like kryptonite to Superman. They choke the life out the native species in the area, until they perish. How can we stop this evil villain from terrorizing the entire Earth? Well there are all kinds of different ways of destroying these invasive species, some popular ways that come to mind are spraying them with herbicides until the slowly wither away to burning them until they are a pile of ash. These are effective ways of removing invasive, but the logistics of implementing a herbicide spray or prescribed burn is daunting.  You have to make sure everyone is certified, notify the community, and set a time weeks in advance while hoping the weather cooperates. This long preparation process causes you to be constantly moving from one invasive ridden area to another because the invasive species has already grown back on the past treated areas. It sounds like there is no way to tackle invasive species in a timely and effective matter right? Wrong. Say hello to my little friend.


At Minute Man National Historical Park we have recently ‘hired’ some Pygmy and Nigerian-Dwarf goats to be our superheros against the invasive species at the park. On average these species of goats can eat 1-2 lbs of plant material per day. At first this may not seem much, but we are able to leave the goats in an area for weeks without the need of supervision. The only chores we need to do is check on them periodically to make sure they have fresh water and that their enclosure is clean and secure. This will allow us to tackle more projects that are in high demand around the park, while not having to worry about invasive species taking over the park. Right now the goats are scheduled to work on a 1/4 acre area within the park, but hopefully after everyone sees the work they can do they will be hired on full-time. Good luck little guys you goat this!

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