Planting Plans Galore


Since my last post, my focus has shifted mainly to planting plans over the past two weeks. I’m happy to say that I completed the plan for the Commandant’s House front walk redesign and met with lovely people from BOST, OCLP, and Branching Out to propose the plan last week. The plan was well received and after a few tweaks, it was sent to the park yesterday for final comments. Next week I will be visiting the Navy Yard again to see the results of Branching Out ambassadors’ hard work on sourcing and researching the proposed plantings.


Planting plan for the Commandant’s House front lawn

The other planting plan I had the opportunity to work on in the past two weeks is for the Green Hill parcel. The GPS work Chris and I did in December contributed to this plan, in addition to GPS work done by Bill Fuchs for the tree removal plan I made today. The plans came to me basically readymade which was great. All I had to do was get the GPS-ed trees and shrubs to be planted/removed into AutoCAD, ensure everything was still geo-referenced and lined up and labeled, and put that data into Illustrator to make it look pretty. I hit some bumps in the road with the data acting up (and maybe a few mistakes on my end) but Tim saved the day and in the process I learned how to create text labels from imported shapefiles. I think I thank Tim in every blog post for helping me with some computer thing or another, so again, thank you Tim.


Shrub planting plan for the Green Hill Parcel


Fence sample for the Green Hill Parcel. Hi Chris!

I’ll be returning back to working on various BOHA tasks next week, sorting out photos for Volume I as they trickle in from repositories, adding to my pile of invoices to put on Eliot’s desk, addressing park comments for the CLR, and continuing on in my pursuit of everything Peddocks I can possibly get my eyes on. The best is yet to come!

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