Harbor Islands Hopping Machine

With the Boston Harbor Islands CLR very recently completed and ready for internal review, I’m already feeling some separation anxiety. But I suppose I’ll find comfort in working on wrapping up the Peddocks Island Vegetation Management Plan. For this plan I will be organizing and compiling all the preexisting written materials, maps/drawings, photos, and tables into one file. I will also be paging through each component and updating it as needed. This week I have been working into and updating the drawings of Peddocks Island showing vegetation management strategies and recommendations in the arrival area, campground area, Officers Row, as well as an overall veg management drawing.

I had the pleasure of going to Long Island to capture the very last photograph for the CLR, and also scrape the surface on gathering some FMSS data for the island.  Ron Ricci of the Boston Public Health Commission gave me a small tour. Long Island is particularly interesting and somewhat frustrating to me because of the abundance of buildings on the island that are unused and creeping closer and closer to ruin every day. Currently the island is used by Camp Harbor View, which brings children from Boston out to the island to learn and cultivate development skills such as leadership, responsibility, arts, sports, etc. Ron told me that often the children who attend the camp return as counsellors once they have aged out. Something that stands out to me in Long Island’s history is the deep roots the island has in directly serving the Boston community as a place of learning, recovery, and refuge. I really like that Long Island continues that type of use today in a smaller way with the summer camp. I would love to see the abundance of facilities used in a way that continues to serve the Boston community.


Long Island Light


I tried very hard to find a way into this greenhouse. Barbed wire said no.


The final missing CLR photo, aka my last excuse to get out to the islands


A view of the Boston skyline through Long Island Light. #BOHAswag

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