Branching Out Teach Back

Last Thursday, Ella and I attended a Branching Out Teach Back that detailed the removal of invasive plants from Grape Island. The team of high school and college students removed mile-a-minute vine (Persicaria perfoliata), bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus), and other weeds from this Boston Harbor Island drumlin. I loved getting to hear about their experience on the ground removing invasive plants, especially after I had spent so much time researching invasive plant removal for Green Hill. In fact, Bill Fuchs who has been working on recording invasive vegetation and creating a detailed treatment plan for eradicating invasives at Green Hill was one of the noxious weed experts working with the Branching Out interns on Grape Island.

The following day, Ella, Chris, and I had the opportunity to tell the Boston Branching Out team what we’ve been up to at the State Street office. Ella spoke about her work researching living collections management software and I spoke about the schematic design we developed for the Green Hill parcel at FRLA. After presenting on this work we talked with the Branching Out folks about their career ambitions and shared our own (sometimes circuitous) journeys that lead to working in landscape preservation. This was a wonderful chance to learn about the work Branching Out has been doing and also to be reflective about our own work.

Until next week,



Removing invasive plants from Grape Island (Image source: Branching Out)

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