Constructing the Imaginary

Looking back over my blogs from the last three weeks, I realized that I have been focusing on how we record and represent landscape here at OCLP and in design related fields more generally. I’ve decided to consciously pursue this as a theme in my entries moving forward with this blog. This week, in addition to working on the treatment plan for Green Hill, I made a photo simulation for Governor’s Island in New York City. Photo simulations are used by OCLP to communicate what proposed designs and landscape treatments will look like. It’s a way to convey the aesthetic (appealing to all five senses) and qualitative aspects of a space.

Representing these spaces, which are imaginary, as 2-d views requires using information we have on existing conditions. Tim Layton has built a 3-d computer model of the NPS owned portion of Governor’s Island, complete with buildings, topographic changes, and trees. OCLP is proposing that an allée (tree-lined walkway) be planted north of the McKim, Mead & White designed hospital on site. The allée would frame a view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I created a photo simulation of this view using a screenshot of Tim’s model as the basis and layering cut images on top of this screenshot in Photoshop. The photos below demonstrate the steps that I went through to create the final image. Photo simulations like this are a way to communicate design intent and to convince clients to build what we propose as designers.

Until next week,


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