Salem Maritime National Historic Site


A couple weeks ago I visited Salem Maritime National Historic Site! Everything was familiar (because I have been working on the development of the maps), but seemed so much smaller in person, which is why I thought it was very important to experience the site first hand. Not only did I get a sense of scale, but I also got a better visualization of what the buildings, streets, vegetation and features on site looked like. I aimed to record information about the current conditions on site, specifically the different types of materials used on the wharf and their transitions from one material to another.  This documentation helped towards enhancing the existing conditions map as accurately as possible.



In addition to working on and visiting the site, I also walked to the visitors center which is a few blocks away. It was an intimate space within the city of Salem that showcased some visual displays that educated visitors about what they will embark on while on site. Thus, both spaces worked hand and hand to create a memorable experience. If you have not visited this historic site yet, I would recommend it!


After visiting the site, I have been striving towards finalizing the 10 period plan maps of Salem. With the help of John and Margie, this collection of plans should be complete very soon and I am excited to see the final outcomes.

Until Next Time…

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