Week Four: Fieldwork

We really dove into fieldwork this week and finished up the trip one inventory work for the Bar Harbor district hiking trails. All of the features along the trails have been updated in the park’s database, and trails without records were inventoried and inputted. The database now includes photos of new features and interval photos every 50’ along the trails.

Eliot was our lead for the week from the Olmsted Center. He helped us tackle the last of our trails, allowing us to have four teams in the field again.

Some of the trails we finished this week include the Gorge Path, Cadillac North and South Ridge, Dorr North and South Ridge, Schooner Head, The Bowl and Gorham Mountain. The ridge trails were very long, but the inventory went at a faster pace because there weren’t a lot of built features. They consisted mostly of bedrock out in the open, or small patches of woods. One of the craziest things to wrap your head around is seeing all of the trees growing on top of bare rock. The vegetation at Acadia National Park is so unique and we are lucky have the chance to experience its diversity along the trails.

It’s so much fun being on the trail every day. Most of the people that pass us ask what we’re doing when they see the wheel, the rope or the cone. We’re always happy to explain our inventory methods and how it will be helping the park. People thank us a lot because they genuinely appreciate how well the trails are maintained.

We will now embark on trip two on the trails to record their experiential and landscape qualities. To do this, we classified the trails into typologies (woodland, coastal, summit and connector). Each team will go on at least one trail from each typology and record the landscape characteristics (Circulation, topography, buildings and structures, views and vistas, small-scale features, natural systems/features, land use, vegetation, and archeological sites). These categories will guide our documentation of the trails and be used in the narrative writing of the Cultural Landscape Inventory. Now that we have a solid background on the trail design and construction, we can appreciate it in a new way and take a step back.

Now that our time with the rolly wheel is coming to a close, we are excited to look at the trails in a new way. Here are some pictures of the inventory work from trip one:


Champlain North Ridge Trail


Gorham Mountain Trail


New feature: log checks

2 responses to “Week Four: Fieldwork

  1. Congratulations on the completion of Trip 1! What an accomplishment. I am sure you will appreciate hiking the trails unencumbered by all the measuring equipment. enjoy and look forward to seeing everyone next week. Be safe.

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