Week 4: Governors Island + Farewell Ashley

Hello everyone! This week started off with a well needed session of tutorials of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign from one of our interns Ashley ( @ambraquet ). Even though I have experience with these programs, I am self taught, thus having someone to give me extra tips on short cuts and even things I did not know to how to do was great. These tutorials will help me become more efficient and save time while working not only in the office, but also in school and in my career field. Thanks Ashely !!!!!

Figure 2-22 Before

Figure 2-22 AfterThis session was held at a perfect time because following after I had the opportunity to kick off a new project with Tim Layton that needed my Adobe expertise. We are currently working on the Governors Island National Monument at the NYC Harbor. With my introduction to the project and site, my task for this week was to work on editing current and developing new photo-simulations for the project. I absolutely love working on these types of projects because they give viewers a visual product of what the project is intending to achieve by displaying a current conditions image vs. a treatment tasks proposal image. Following this task, I will also be assisting Tim with several other projects that will be included in the Cultural Landscape Report and Treatment Plan deliverables for the end of this summer.

In addition, our team had two brown bag lunch meetings, one with Erik Kreusch, an archaeologist and cultural anthropologist, and another with Celena Illuzzi a Training / Education Specialist. What I found interesting about Celena’s meeting was that her position at the NPS requires interaction with several age groups, ranging from elementary students to adults. She participates in 4 different programs, one being a Landscape Based partnership with 3-5th graders (learning gardens), the second being a Preservation based high school that serves 9th-12th grade, the third being ‘Branching Out’ which is a field team and management based group consisting of high school and college students,and lastly a web based program that works with adults who are currently working for the NPS and are given a curriculum through a different lens–preservation.

Another program that Celena mentioned is the RISD ‘Witness Tree Project’, that is taught by a history and sculpture professor. The goal of this project is to answer the question “what does NPS do with trees after they have fallen or have been cut down?”. What they do is learn about the history of the site and the vegetation on it to then be able to create art out of the reclaimed wood to visually accentuate its history. I thought this idea was AWESOME!!! I would love to be apart of such program.

To wrap up the week, we had two conference calls, one with April Antonellis, who wanted a different perspective on her project for the War of 1812 tribal map and the second with Frank Hays, the incoming NER Associate Regional Director forCapture Resource Stewardship. In addition, Margie and I had the opportunity to meet with Mark Alexander who is a Landscape Architect at the NPS who will be supervising me for my architecture licencing process this summer. I am so grateful that Mark is taking time out of his busy schedule to help me start off my licensing process and I also want to thank Margie for guiding me to Mark and being there to help organize this meeting. I AM SO EXCITED TO KICK OFF THIS JOURNEY!!!

This week is also Ashley’s ( @ambraquet ) last day at OCLP, I wish she didn’t have to go but she has a new opportunity waiting for her in Newport, RI. I am so happy for her and I wish her nothing but the best. Please come visit us Ash and thanks for everything!

Happy 4th!

Until next week…

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