BOHA Research, Mapping, Fairwells and a holiday…

Hello everyone! Week four has almost come to a close, ending with a fair well to fellow SCA’er Ashley, a long weekend, and of course my favorite holiday of all–Independence Day! I’ve spent this week preparing a large amount of maps for the Boston Harbor Islands, as well as updating text for aspects of the islands that have changed since the late 1990’s!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have Shanasia’s help this week too! She’s certainly been the go-to person on updating the engineering fetes that have occurred on Deer and Nut Islands. We were both able to visit and gather some really interesting information from the special BOHA collections at the UMass Boston’s Healy Library! Joanne Riley was a great contact, and has an immense amount of knowledge of resources and historic data on many of the islands.

Raccoon Raccoon Island Mapping Draft

As I type out this blog, I am trying to recall my “ah-ha” moment of the week, and I’d have to say, it wasn’t out in the field. It was during brown bag lunch meeting with Celena Illuzzi, the education specialist with the Olmsted Center. Her presentation was wonderful, and left me thinking about a lot of interesting ways in which park design, landscape history, and cultural awareness can be broken down into ideas for young children, and adults for a deeper and life long appreciation for the stories and design of our nation’s parks. It has always been something I’ve been interested in, and after viewing a program for school children at Fairsted several weeks ago, I realize just how interesting the work being done here at the Olmsted Center, as well as in other areas of park planning and preservation can be incorporated into elementary education! Thoughts to ponder….as I head back home to Acadia for the long weekend!

Have a great 4th of July Everyone!

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