Week 2: FRLA + BOHA + Gardner

Fairsted Render_3.4.11

This week has been a very productive one! Our team of three has been working towards editing and rendering our site maps from our visit that took place last week at the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site (FRLA). These tasks have allowed me to become more familiar with the different types of vegetation found on site, as well as learning the classical and common names for each species, to be able to label and draw them correctly on the site maps. I also learned how to properly represent these different types of trees by the use of symbols and color (for example, deciduous trees are represented with a lighter green color and rounded canopy, in contrast to an evergreen tree that is represented by a darker green and a pointed canopy). The guidelines that the office offers become consistent throughout everyone’s work, which allows for an clear and organized deliverable. This was very important in my case because Shanaisa and I split up the work, which will eventually be packed together, thus we needed to use these guidelines to create a consistent whole between the two of us.


We also has the opportunity to work on four Boston Harbor Islands (BOHA) this week. We visited Spectacle Island, Rainsford Island, Georges Island, and Lovells Island, to assist another intern (Erika) with photo documentation and mapping for her project this summer. The challenge of collecting all of this information in a day was approached by the use of collaboration and team work. Together, our group of six, split up into three groups of two, where we each of us tackled different parts of the island. This method of diving and conquering was very effective and it resulted in a lot of weight that was lifted off of Erika’s shoulders because her task this summer is to work on all 34 of the Islands!


The highlight of my week was our meeting with Bonnie Halda, who is a licensed architect working on historical preservation for the NPS. It was a breath of fresh air to hear for an NPS employee with the perspective of an architect, which is the field I plan on perusing. She motivated me even more to move forward in striving to peruse my architecture licence and  she taught me that there are positions for architects in the NPS that are valuable. Hopefully one day I can be a licensed architect for the NPS 🙂


The last big thing that we did this week is visit the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum to gather some more information about the Green Hill property for the FRLA landscape inventory report. The loads of documentation available for us to use was amazing. Learning about all of the different structures and spaces that were located on Green Hill in the past was so helpful for our research. We also got the opportunity to explore the museum itself, which comprised of several pieces of art and artifacts that Gardener once had on the Green Hill property and within the home. She definitely was a woman who appreciated artist of all forms, embraced the landscape, was well traveled, and enjoyed to document her life and journey. This was a great way to end a Friday.

Until next week!

One response to “Week 2: FRLA + BOHA + Gardner

  1. Sasha, it sounds like you had a very full week! I am so glad you had the opportunity to meet Bonnie and that she shared her insights as a practicing architect with NPS. I look forward to hearing more when I am back in the office next week.

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