Week 1: Fredrick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

House_Hello All! My name is Sasha Bachier and I have officially completed my first week for the Designing the Parks 2015 internship. As many know, I have participated in the program in 2013 and loved it, so I am happy to be back!

This week, I am collaborating with Shanasia Sylman (another intern) to help Chris Beagan with the Landscape Inventory Report for the Fredrick Law Olmsted National Historic Site. Although familiar with the overall site, it was great to receive a tour and have several talks with the staff on site who gave us valuable information for our research. In addition, we also did some site work on the Fairsted property as well as the Green Hill property to document and identity plant species, their conditions, and their placement on site.


Through these experiences, I envision the Green Hill property to be a great extension of Fairsted. With our help in mapping and collecting information, Green Hill  has tons of potential to be used by the public and the National Park Service. The large plot of land gives opportunities for nicely shaded walks provided by the mature trees on site, as well as a spaces for different types of experiences, just as seen at Fairsted (in the Hollow, Rock Garden, and the South Lawn). Another potential use for the site is to house natural wild life habitat, which Brookline doesn’t have much space for due to all of the residences in place, thus this site would be a great space to embrace nature and all of in components.


Walking through both Green Hill and Fairsted felt peaceful. It did not feel like I was in a residential neighborhood, it felt like I was far away from the city. I had the opportunity to become one with nature and become more appreciative of the little things in life that go unnoticed, like the chirping of birds, the humming of bees, the scents of flowers, and the fresh air and sunlight filtering through the leaves on the trees.


All together, this experience has provided me with management and planning skills to identify plants, map landscapes, as well as to collaborate with others. I look forward to taking these skills with me and using them towards the rest of my time here at the Olmsted Center. I cannot wait to see how much farther Shanasia, Chris, and I get on this project.

Until next week!

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