Cape Cod National Seashore

The team covered a lot of ground this week at Cape Cod National Seashore. Here are a few of the best moments along the journey.


The landscape of Cape Cod National Seashore is one that varies dramatically. Here, the team can be seen jumping with the park historian, Bill Burke, on the rolling hills of Fort Hill. The nor’easter was fast approaching!


The team did quite a bit of research in the archives at the Salt Pond Visitor Center.

DSC_7235 And had a little fun doing field work at Highland Links, the home of the Highland Lighthouse.


We were feeling a little threatened by the nor’easter that was fast approaching while we were doing field work at the Highland Light.


Catching a little air after the sun came out.


These are the bluffs at Nauset Light Beach. The shores along this beach are subject to severe battering by the Atlantic and lose between 10-12 feet of shoreline each year–a dramatic example of how climate change can impact a site.


This Nauset Light has been the icon of the Cape Cod Potato Chip Company, and sits high above the bluffs on Nauset Light Beach.


This is the jetty to Long Point in Provincetown at high tide.

IMG_9314Here is the same jetty on our return trip at low tide–a fluctuation of 10-11 feet of tidal change.


Margie and Alex take GPS points of the remains of the old forts.


Alex and Bill examine the remains of a horseshoe crab on Long Point .

DSC_0386Long Point Light at the very tip of Long Point.


Our trek back to the jetty after a solid hike out to Long Point Light.


The wetlands of West End Marsh near the start of the jetty.

IMG_9233 Debriefing with Bill.


The high life at Wood End Light on Long Point.


The OCLP Team treks through the bowl at the parbolic dunes.

DSC_7271Finally, we walked out to the dunes on the northern edge of the cape where people have lived in dune shacks for generations. The landscape is beautiful, but brutal.

DSC_7274The team watched the sun set here, and non e of us wanted to leave. We’d like to say thanks to the Olmsted Center for taking us on yet another grand adventure!




3 responses to “Cape Cod National Seashore

  1. Thanks for the great representation of field work and the incredible images from Cape Cod. Wish I’d been there with you!

  2. Great photos! We lucked out with the weather, given the impending nor’easter. Lots of field work completed–and of course, some fun along the way!

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