Summer Slips Away

It seems like summer is winding down. There’s a slight chill in the air now. Sara and I were commenting on the weather just yesterday–it’s simultaneously warm, wet, and cool. Being from Louisiana, I don’t know if I’ve ever had a summer as cool as this one, and fall is fast approaching.

At OCLP, things are moving along just as quickly. The team is hard at work (and others are working hard on their vacations) on finishing up several projects. Last week I got a copy of the Zane Grey CLI to review before it gets published. And this week, I’m helping Margie complete the final edits for the Adams National Historic Park CLI. I’ve made several location maps and a few photo simulations. Today, Salem is the park of choice for me, as I work through writing the narrative history of the Massachusetts Indians that called the place Naumkeag, meaning ‘fishing people’.


On our last trip to Salem, Alex and I had a little fun taking photos on site. In the office, I’ve been working on compiling a library of people to use in photo simulations. Several people from the Center have found their way into different views for Salem. If you want to be in one, send me a photo, and I’ll be sure to put you in!

Back next week!


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