CRDIP Wrap Up Presentation

Hello everyone,

This week I was busy with creating a final presentation for my involvement as a Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program intern, another great opportunity available through the National Park Service and the Student Conservation Association. The Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program provides a career exploration opportunity for diverse undergraduate and graduate students ages 18-25 in historic preservation/cultural resources work. The program places interns with National Park Service park units and administrative offices, other federal agencies, state historic preservation offices, local governments, and private organizations. Intern sponsors provide work experiences that assist interns with building their resumes in this field (NPS). Both Andre and I were getting together presentations – mine a powerpoint and his a video – to present to Paloma Bolasny, the Coordinator for the CRDIP and Historian in Cultural Resources from the Office of Outreach out of the Washington DC Northeast Regional office, and to our fellow CRDIP Interns from across the nation.

There are eighteen of us, all scattered across the country, working on a multitude of tasks ranging from archaeology, to historical archival documentation, to the more hands on field work and studies, to then desk jobs such as the mapping Andre and I have been working on this summer. It was great to hear about everyone’s experiences and how the National Park Service is creating opportunities for engaging youth and educating interns on the values of cultural resources across America. One of the CRDIP interns was located at Prince William Forest Park, which is just about a ten minute drive from my home back in Manassas, Virginia! But the fun fact was that she went to school at UMass Boston – so it seemed we had traded places for the summer. I am very excited to explore the Forest Park again, once back home, to look for the remnants of the mines she spoke of and further learn about my home county’s history. Here is a link, if interested to learn a bit more –

Our experiences have been amazing and we are all very thankful to the National Park Service and Student Conservation Association for providing us with such great opportunities! It also very much so made me want to travel more and explore our beautiful country – from Mt. Rainier National Park, down to Chiricahua National Monument, and back north to Grand Tetons National Park – all locations where CRDIP interns were working this summer!

But aside from the CRDIP presentation work I was preparing, I was also wrapping up my AutoCad drawing of my Existing Conditions Map – putting in the final details of culverts, signs,  tree lines, and major roadways. Here is an image of the major core area of the park – pre-rendering.

Appomattox Courthouse National Historical Park map

Appomattox Courthouse National Historical Park map

Next week, I will begin rendering the six 80 scale drawings of the village core and then the main rendering of the park! We also have a mid-term presentation for those of us interning for six months – Grace, Ashley, and myself – and Andre’s final presentation because it will be his last week. How has summer flown by so quickly! They say time flies when you are having fun, and man, has it been a fun summer so far! Thankful it is not yet over and we still have a few more months of work and play!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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