Researching & Visit to Peddocks

This week I’ve been mostly working on deciphering the landscape patterns from the 1937 historic aerial and correlating that with other pieces of research. One interesting document I’ve come upon is the 1927 Pennsylvania Triennial Farm Census, where I have actually been able to find detailed counts of how many and what type of crops and livestock that were cultivate on individual farms. This piece of data enriches the agriculture and farming narrative of the site. On many of these farms, dairying production was supplemented by the widespread production of fruit – chiefly apples and peaches. The final product produced was poultry and eggs.

On another note, I had the opportunity to return to Peddocks for the celebration of the renovation of the old chapel. It was such a lovely event, with eloquent speeches, live music, and joyous kids running around enjoying the landscape. It was so great to see the Chapel so vibrant – I can’t wait for the island to have it’s first wedding!


School children enjoying the benches and shade trees as they wait for the boat back to Boston


inside of the renovated chapel


live band to keep the energy high 🙂


We also brought out our models from Designing the Parks 2013 to display at the Visitors Center. A visitor is extremely intrigued by the work!

One response to “Researching & Visit to Peddocks

  1. It sounds like the research has uncovered some excellent information on the agricultural use in the 20th century…great! I am so glad you were able to get out to Peddocks for the celebration. There is a lot to be proud of in the work that has been completed.

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