A New Look for SAMA

Hi everyone! We’ve just finished up another busy week in the Olmsted Center. My main goal this week was to get ready for our meeting with the Salem park staff and the members of the Planning Department of the City of Salem. At our previous meeting, we met with the city and park staff, and generally tried to understand the needs of the park staff and how we could coordinate with the City on their existing Harbor Plan. Below are the first photo simulations for some possible park interventions.


On the west side of the park is a major connection to the Salem Harbor Walk. The existing pathway is only about three feet wide, and will need to be widened to provide better accessibility. Here, a cantilevered wood deck could be installed. This area is an important point because the pedestrian is entering the park, so there should be some signage to signal that change.

As the park visitor advances just beyond the new entrance from the Harbor Walk, the small picnic area is visible on the left. The first view shows a boat shed on the right that is slated for removal. I realized that if the shed and the tree in the center of the photo were removed, it would open up a viewshed to the Custom House across Derby Street, which is an important park building.

DSC_0003_72dpiSmall changes to the existing vegetation and the addition of signage help to frame the new view.

DSC_0003_CustomsHouseView_72dpiThe final view shown here is one looking west on Derby Street. As the city will be encouraging cruise ships to dock in the Salem Harbor, Derby Street will be getting a lot more foot traffic. We have proposed to widen the brick pathway and add mature elm trees to provide both shade for the area, and to create an edge around the large open space in the park.


These changes will help to draw visitors into the park and onto the Harbor Walk, boosting visitation for both the park and the city.

DSC_0564_Derby Street_01_72dpiThat’s all for now, but this week is sure to be as busy as the last as we begin responding to both Park and City feedback. Thanks for stopping by!


2 responses to “A New Look for SAMA

  1. The photo simulations are terrific! They are such a powerful tool to capture these landscapes improvements. I can’t wait to see the next round! Glad to hear that the meeting was productive.

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