Preparing to visit Dorchester County

Ended the sixth week well with a meeting with the Branching Out Team over viewing everything we our working on currently in the office. It was great to have the chance to communicate my progress and efforts toward the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument. About half of the students were familiar with history of Harriet Tubman which seemed to grab there attention speaking of some one so prominent in the African American culture. This is very promising for me to have this opportunity to work on this site providing a cultural landscape inventory and basemap documentation for proposed land still in development. It felt good sharing this with the Branching Out Team and even better providing some inspiration in the field of landscape architecture.

On Monday, I am off to Dorchester County, MD to actually view the entire site and proposed land at the Jacob Jackson home site. I’m very excited to see what the site could potentially develop into at this early stage. I plan to get photo and video documentation  and maybe even sketch some. Eliot and I will also be visiting the National Archives located in College Park, Maryland and spend some time in Cambridge, the sea port city of Dorchester County.

Expect an update of this anticipated trip next week!

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