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This week has brought with it so many opportunities to experience new things. It has simultaneously been exciting and exhausting. One of the first things I did in the city was to visit the Boston Public Library. This place is grand and has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in architecture, exploring new music, knitting, chess, anime, or just checking out books! They have this great concert series this summer called Concerts in the Courtyard, and the sound quality in this space is incredible. I saw Wambura Mitaru, a Nairobian singer play. Here is a link to all the amazing things that are happening at the BPL this month.


The H. H. Richardson Trinity Church is one of the amazing buildings in Copley Square. I love the juxtaposition of old and new architecture. Somehow, it works.


I also had my first experience at a Red Sox game, which was pretty great. They sell soft serve in baseball caps, which is delish!


Because Eliot always catches us on camera, here’s a return shot. One of his objectives in life is to relate everything back to Olmsted. So, while hanging with the Charlestown Navy Yard Olmsted Crew, someone said we should do something like TedTalks–and then was born the idea of the StedTalk. So for all of you Instagrammers out there, we’ll be posting everything about our summer internships at #stedtalks.


This week has really been a tour de force from our team here in Boston. Thanks to everyone for really putting us in the thick of the city and showing us all the good stuff.


Interns Grace and Sara climbing the Bunker Hill Monument–all 294 steps!


To the Designing the Parks Team of 2014, thanks for the warm welcome. It seems like this is going to be a great summer!

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